Auto accidents are distressing enough without the worry of how you or a loved one will manage at home with injuries. Our 24-hour auto accident care allows clients to stay in their homes and know that they have the help and care they need.

Some injuries after an accident appear late, or simply get worse. Our experienced professionals come in to monitor as well as help, whatever the need is over time. Depending on the client and situation, our services include care such as:

  • Support with wake-up and tuck-in
  • Support with eating
  • Support with bathing and grooming
  • Support with transferring and in-home mobility
  • Help with tasks around the house
  • Transport and errand support
  • Assistance with handling medications or medical equipment

Our expert in-home care professionals work closely with our clients’ family or loved ones to ensure that all care needs are covered. We also work closely with the auto insurance providers, when applicable. Our mission is to provide our clients with the greatest safety, comfort, and highest degree of independence possible after a traumatic accident.