Home Care Central offers care packages available to larger communities, such as assisted living and others. The purpose of these programs is to package services, and to build up the collective health of residents through access to personalized care, as well as mobility and social activities.In collaboration with community facilities, we work closely with management to promote the services that residents benefit from in a real way. We provide the care that the facility does not have the staff to do themselves, and bring a value-added experience to the facility and all its residents.

The services we offer are especially important in community environments because of the greater good they foster through basic comforts and social activities for so many people living in a shared facility. When working with larger communities,

Home Care Central offers:

  • Bundled or individually contracted services
  • Close collaboration with the facility management
  • Presentations about services to residents and family members
  • Services supporting the comfort and independence of residents
  • Our basic home services, plus additional services specific to the community

Services are offered individually or in bundles, designed for the facility and its residents’ needs. Our services can also be built into or off of existing activities and options available through the community.