Mommy & Me Care

Home Care Central’s private duty care assists those in need of prenatal and postnatal care at home, including help with daily tasks, light housekeeping, meal prep, and help with other children at home and pets. Home Care Central helps prepare for baby coming home, and acts as a second set of hands for Mom before and after she and baby arrive.

Child Care

Home Care Central provides help with the daily juggle. Our private duty home services help you balance work, family and home—count on Home Care Central’s caregivers to help the kids get homework done, help you get dinner started, or get everyone to and from band practice, dance class or the like.

Vacation, Travel, and Companion Care

Take your dream vacation without worrying about the kids—or, take your caregiver when you leave for a trip to make sure everyone has the care they need out-of-home.

Workday Care and Sick Child Care

Home Care Central offers sick child care for busy families whose careers make taking time off to care for your child at home difficult. Our private duty caregivers will care for your child when they are unable to attend daycare.

Take-A-Break Care and Date Night Care

Take time to yourself—go shopping, have a pedicure, or visit with friends. Have your once-in-a-blue-moon night on the town. Or, just enjoy some time “the two of you” without worrying about the children.

Summer Care

We have the answer for your summertime care dilemma: hiring a summer caregiver is all you need to solve summer childcare. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind, allowing your children to remain in the comfort of home without the hassle of traveling to and from daycare.

After-School Care

Your career does not stop when the school bell rings. Home Care Central fills in that time gap so you can remain focused at work and know everything is taken care of at home.

Child-Care for Children with Special Needs

Home Care Central’s private duty caregivers are trained and experienced in providing in home care to children who require a little extra Care, including Down’s Syndrome, Autism, or ADHD. We provide specialized care personalized for each child and their needs, and the needs of their families.

Pet Care

Home Care Central’s private duty caregivers assist with daily pet care needs. Taking care of a pet can be challenging when you have a busy schedule—we are here to help with everything from walking and bathing, to even scooping out the litter box. And when pets have their own special medical needs, we’re expertly equipped for that, also.